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A message from Edgard Pascual                            

It is awe-inspiring to see how a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly.  Miraculous --the descriptive word that encapsulates its full process.  Magical, to the world!  Creativity Builder par excellence is God Almighty –the Hand that makes your transformation from filthy rug to gleaming jewel.  The marvel of marvels displayed. 

How can one be righteous to stand before the holiness of the Almighty?  But, that is exactly what it is --grace alone qualifies us to look at the face of God, and bask in the magnificence of His radiance.

You are a miracle or, at the least, about to be a miracle.  It is amazing grace, indeed.   No one is able to make him self or her self righteous, except for one to embrace the transforming grace --Almighty God bestows. 

Grace can not be bought, or acquired from bribery of acts of goodness; nor offering of religious penance and self mortification to gain spiritual favors. An attempt to recompense God personally for our being fallen in nature; to gain approval of God –is absolutely filth before the presence of the Most Holy One.

Tran-signal Broadcasting Network TBN sends out the message –Jesus saves!  Jesus heals! Jesus loves you! 

Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life.  He will set you free from all chains of bondages. He is the Freedom from besetting habits and oppression.  He is a true Friend when you feel so all alone.  How many times friend have failed you in the past?  Not Jesus –ever!

We, at Tran-signal Broadcasting Network, TBN are all your friends.  All of us walk with the Lord Jesus Christ daily.  Our passion is to tell everyone --you are loved!  And that Jesus is waiting for you to come home.  The invitation is yours --listen to our broadcast at KDWY (The Way) Worldwide Radio.  Owned and operated by Tran-signal Broadcasting Network (e-TBN) offers you –inspiring music encouraging thoughts –Good News, all day, all night --from the sunny southland of California, USA