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Something about us

Jeannie Anderson

Ms. Jeannie Anderson -Co Host of :"Grace In Action"

Hi there, I am still working on our profile and I really want to introduce our work to you as broadcasters of the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We broadcast 24 hours a day and that takes most of our time -thereby causing the delay on sorting out the photos and testimonies about our calling in the ministry of service.  The staff is a hand full but all are servants to Jesus Christ.  Harvesting souls is our life!  The Gospel is our sound.  We breathe every word of it.

Although we are friends of Trinity Broadcasting Network TBN-Tustin, we are not affiliated with them.  We believe that we are all together on one Body of Christ.  One faith, one salvation, one babtism. 

Our company is Transignal Broadcasting Network, Inc. TBN -La Habra.  It just happened that our acronym is also TBN.

Please tune-in always and be blessed to the pure message of salvation to the different peoples of the world.  Our phone is always ready to receive your prayer request -day or night!

I have been broadcasting the good news of salvation since 1974 -started in Manila -Far East Broadcasting Corporation.  We are now webstreaming in real time from Los Angeles, CA, USA.  We hope to have the last person to receive the Lord Jesus Christ listening to our message just as Jesus' blowing of the trumpet begins the Rapture.  We will be caught-up in the clouds to be with Lord forever, Hallelujah!


Stephanie healed of cancer -Jesus heals

Stephanie, Edgard's nurse, was miraculously healed of breast cancer!  Jesus heals even now.